Saturday, November 13, 2010

What does this mean to You?

When the world is filled with evil
Transform all mishaps into the path of bodhi

Pema Chodron writes: "The word bodhi means 'enlightenment.' This is the basic statement of lojong, or mind training all together: how to use the unwanted, unfavorable circumstances of your life as the actual material of awakening. This slogan is very well suite to our busy lives and difficult times. In fact, it's designed for that: if there were no difficulties, there would be no need for mind training or tonglen practice."

Chogyam Trungpa writes: "Whatever occurs in your life—environmental problems, political problems, or psychological problems—should be transformed into a part of your wakefulness, or bodhi. Such wakefulness is a result of the practice of sitting meditation as well as your basic understanding of soft spot, or bodhicitta, awakened mind."

This is from a forum following the "Smile at Fear" retreat...

The comments on the forum are very interesting and very different, so what does it mean to you?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey! this is the first experimental post on this new blog..
This is basically a test.